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Laser Pointers are used to locate a point on a surface for some activity such as grommeting, hole drilling or spot welding. Aim supporting arms are available.
Laser pointer to assist centering and locating hit spots for grommeting and eyeleting jobs. The spotting beam can be either "spot" or "cross" type. The positioning arm allows for proper aiming of the laser pointer. The laser pointer is an excellent tool for positioning "working" and "opposite sides" of the material.
MODEL KML-1501P-50 KML-1501C-50
POINTER TYPE Point ( ) Cross Hair (+)
POINTER SIZE < 1.5mm0 0.5mm~1mmWX3~4.5mml
PROJECT DISTANCE <1 m 20~30 cm
OUTPUT POWER 0.075 mW < 1mW
DIMENSIONS 12mm0 x 50mml 12mm0 x 53mml

Laser Pointer

Laser pointer cross hair

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